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Hi, I’m Tim. I help SMEs and Nonprofits
truly succeed on- and offline through
automation and scaling digital footprints
under budget and with peace of mind.

Hi, I’m Tim. I live in Dublin with my wife, our little daughter Éabha Rose as well as our two furry children (a.k.a our cats). By day I work in “Big Tech” as a Global Product Lead. With an academic grounding in Computer Science and Business, I’ve been fortunate to be able to combine the two through all strands of my professional and personal life.

From starting out on a digital graduate programme for Ireland’s Paper of Record as a humble academic in an over-sized M&S suit, to later speaking on stages small and large around the world (pre-Covid * sighs *) about emerging technologies that help publishing and media companies grow their audiences and their bottom-lines, I’ve remained curious and I love the detail; the evolution; and the magic of digital.

Outside of my day job, I’ve also been lucky to build and grow the online footprints for SMEs and non-profits across Ireland.

Cutting Through The Noise

There is a sea of tech jargon out there that is genuinely overwhelming and I empathise with any business in trying to decide and settle on the digital solutions and partners they need to work with in order to achieve their goals. Understanding how to use the data and interpret the metrics and analytics at your disposal is daunting when you’re not sure where to begin.

Costly mistakes, long-term dependencies on technology providers offering sub-standard solutions with expensive add-ons, and agencies overcomplicating projects to instil scarcity; urgency; and FOMO (/ˈfəʊməʊ/ noun: informal) in their prospective clients are equal parts unfortunate but also uncomfortably common. The online knowledge economy presents tremendous opportunity but also vectors for opportunistic behaviours where the perceived added value often does not hold-up to scrutiny.

When I look under the hood of some websites and review the underlying hosting infrastructure and site architecture, I imagine myself following an alternate career path and place myself in the shoes of that business or NGO owner or executive. We don’t know what we don’t know; however, we live in a world where scale, best-in-class hosting infrastructure and automation are at the fingertips of most businesses. Low hanging digital fruits are all around us. Knowing where to look and helping my clients capitalise on them are the challenges I love to solve.

Less Is More

My mantra. Minimalism and white space are always welcome in every facet of life. You know your business. You wrote the Vision and Mission Statements. My goal is to exceed your online and office workflow expectations – without fuss, ambiguous acronyms, or off-putting and confusing tech speak.

I bring my macro and micro knowledge to make delivering on your company’s purposes, goals and values as seamless and efficient as they can and should be. I keep you focused on the objective and task at hand. If there is a knowledge gap on my side, or an area of your business I know someone from my extensive network of professional tech globetrotters is be better-equipped to advise on, I’ll tee-up the virtual coffees for you.

How Can I Help You Setup For Success?

I specialise in x-digital disciplines including Managed Cloud Hosting, Web Design, WordPress CMS Development, Digital Strategy, Workplace Automation, or as I tell my parents, “internet stuff”.

If you have a website, digital project or business problem you’d like to discuss, let’s get a virtual coffee in the calendars.