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Hi, I’m Tim. I live in Dublin with my wife, our little daughter Éabha Rose and our two furry children (a.k.a our cats). I help SMEs and Nonprofits truly succeed on and offline through automation and scaling digital footprints under budget and with peace of mind.


About Me

By day I work in “Big Tech” as a Global Product Lead. With an academic grounding in Computer Science and Business, I’ve been fortunate to be able to combine the two through all strands of my professional and personal life. 

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Get In Touch

I specialise in x-digital disciplines including Cloud Hosting, Web Design, WordPress CMS Development, Digital Strategy, Workplace Automation, or as I tell my parents, “internet stuff”. If you have a website, digital project or business problem you’d like to discuss, let’s get a virtual coffee in the calendars.

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Shoot For The Clouds

Over half of would-be mobile users will “bounce” if a site takes three or more seconds to load (source). One. Two. Three. Your new would-be customer is gone. It’s not because you don’t have a sufficient online presence or a beautiful and well-crafted website. It’s likely down to it being delivered through slow and still incredibly common shared hosting environments.

I provide a Managed Cloud Hosting service where websites are stored, backed-up and delivered securely through Google’s distributed cloud network of global data centers. For WordPress websites, on average my clients see 50%+ increases in PageSpeed across the mobile and desktop versions of their sites, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Going Green*

Sustainability is a critical responsibility for us all. The distributed data centres where my clients’ websites are hosted have long been carbon neutral, and are on track to be ran on 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy by 2030.

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Say Hello

If you have a website, digital project or business problem you’d like to discuss, get in touch. Subject to complete mutual alignment, I am fortunate to be able to offer extra preferential rates for best-in-class Managed Cloud Hosting and General Digital Consultancy exclusively for Nonprofits.

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